Non-Pagan Ministry & Training Center

Who is Minister James Pride?

Minister James Pride is a native of Memphis, TN and a former member of the U.S. Air Force where he served for 25 years. He has been happily married to Kinya Pride since 1998 and is the father of two sons and one daughter. For the past 16 years, as a minister seeking the heart of YHWH, he has dedicated his life to teaching the scriptures and serving others in Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Raised in Memphis, he began in the Baptist system and was taught traditional “Christian” theology. In the year 2000, he began bible college and studied the scriptures from a Greek perspective and soon became frustrated with the NOT so well defined Greek meanings. After witnessing the decaying condition of the traditional “Christian” church and listening to Pastor after Pastor destroy the scriptures by teaching their own interpretations and meanings, he began to pray and seek the Father for clarity and a better understanding. In 2004 he began to learn the Hebraic meaning of the scriptures and later formed a relationship with two Messianic Rabbis who sent him on a journey into the Hebraic mindset, never to return to the Greco-Roman order.  

 He has been teaching the scriptures from a Hebraic perspective since 2006 and has discovered the beauty of Yahweh’s Torah; it is truly and lamp unto his feet and a light unto his pathway. James is an ordained minister through both the Baptist organization and non-denominational organization, and has served in the functions of Evangelist, Pastor, Prophet, and Apostolic Council Board member for several ministries, but count it all as nothing to come to know Yeshua anew and the beauty of His Word through the lenses of the culture, language, and life He lived. While serving the “Christian”  church faithfully for years, he was taught that the church is no longer under the “law” but under “grace” and the law was legalism and bondage; but something inside of him knew that there had to be more. He praises the Father everyday for opening his eyes that he may behold the wondrous things out of His Torah, Psalm 119.18. Now he is at peace, knowing that Yahweh is restoring the whole house of Israel, making the two sticks, one stick in His Hand.

Although James currently serve as the Superintendent and Overseer for Non-Pagan Ministry & Training Center, he also serves as the Senior Professional Instructor for one of the U.S. Military's Training Centers. He enjoys coaching youth sports and relaxes by playing golf in his spare time. He is also the Founder and Chief Editor for “Winds of Revolution” monthly newsletter and is currently writing his first book entitled, “Diagnosis of a Deceived Church”.  James, as well as several other Torah teachers which he has trained are available to conduct seminars at your request. His desire is to be a blessing to all and help mankind find rest for their soul.